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"An Analytical mindset can be taught"

Empowering the community through science and technology.

How We Build Project Based Learning


City Labs is a non- profit organization providing access to technology that will lead all cultures, classes, and ages through the 21st century. Cultivating analytical thought using the latest technical resources for education, small business development and entertainment media. While improving students interest in pursuing careers within Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) we teach skill sets of Addressing Problems, Building Goals, Applying Solutions and Managing Projects.  

City Labs is the community resource that fosters programs to increase participation in STEM Competitions locally and nationally.  The technology center will empower the community by providing technology classes and technical support. Community members will have the opportunity to create online information centers about their neighborhoods, cultures or families.

        Science Fair Judging and Mentoring
        Science Preparation and Seminars
        STEM Competitions
        Weekend tech Camps
        Technology Classes
        Team building
        STEM Team Mentoring
        Gaming Leagues


City Labs future technologist will have the opportunity to learn and apply the scientific method:  Addressing Problems, Building Goals, Applying Solutions, and Managing Projects.


There are several opportunities to sign up:
Science fair seminars
Summer Jump Start Science Fair
STEM Competitions
Weekend Tech Camp
Youth Drone Racing League


Become aVolunteer

For many students in underserved communities extended STEM education is not an option. This program gives parents and students a new sense of understanding and inspire them to uncover their thirst for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.


Upcoming Meetings!!!!

Sept. 3 - Sept 26, 2019
@ 6:00pm

Network + Certification Class

Enrollment now open until July 23
Class Begins September 3rd - September 26 (Tue and Thur)
Saturday Classes September 7th and September 21st 2019
September 2019
@ 10:00am

iMagine STEAM Festival

Fountain Park, Rock Hill, South Carolina
300 E Main St, Rock Hill, South Carolina 29730
October 2019
@ 4:00 pm


1st Saturday
Location: Conference bridge
October 2019
@ 7:00 pm

Competitive Teams Committee Meeting

2nd Tuesday every month
Conference bridge
October 2019
@ 7:00pm

Community Technical Support Committee

2nd Friday of every month location Advent Co-working
September, 2019
@ 7:00pm


3rd Tuesday every month Location: Conference bridge
September 2019
@ 7:00pm

Drone Committee Meeting

4th Tuesday every month
Location: Conference bridge


What are some qualities that make up a good STEM program?

1.    Learning should be project-based, and usually conducted in groups.
2.    Ditch the bubble test. Students should be asked to produce something.
3.    Students should be encouraged to fail and fail often and should not be penalized for doing so.
4.    Students should have to call on a variety of skills from all content areas to fulfill the project.
5.    Soft skills, like teamwork and problem solving, are just as important as knowing how to solve an algebra equation and other content knowledge.
6.    Schools or classrooms should have “industry partners,” individuals from tech or engineering companies who can lend expertise in the classroom.
7.    Students should have access to after-school clubs, associations and contests.

Does an Engineering Design Process drive student to thinking and decision-making as they work on the real-world challenge?

    Engineering is the driving force behind STEM challenges and provides an organized process that can guide students in thinking through and solving problems.

Why has STEM become such a buzzword in education?

    STEM is attractive for a number of reasons. One reason is because schools have a responsibility to prepare students for a new digital economy, and that project-based learning inherent to STEM keeps students engaged.
    With the world becoming more technologically involved; you STEM training to gain a lucrative internship if not career.
    STEM, done correctly, fits with this national movement  and students seem to be responding. Ask any STEM teacher, and they’ll tell you their classroom is more alive than ever with students who are engaged with their work. Students, for the first time in a long time, see the connection between what they’re learning and their future lives, educators say.